Ventura Bus Lines will bolster its fleet with an order of 22 Endeavour buses from Custom Denning

July 13, 2023

Ventura Bus Lines, a fourth-generation Victorian family company, is poised to bolster its fleet with an order totalling 22 Endeavour buses from Custom Denning.

Having visited Custom Denning’s manufacturing and production facilities in St Marys earlier in the year, Ventura’s General Manager of Fleet, David Burgess was on a mission to identify the right partner for the supply of their next transport requirements, and was impressed with the extent of local engineering, the processes, and of course the end result, instilling the confidence required in order for Ventura to select the Custom Bus product as a valuable addition to the Ventura Fleet.

With a rich history dating back to 1924 and with its “Celebrating 100 Years of Service” centenary anniversary in 2024, Ventura Bus Lines has established itself as one of Australia's most renowned bus operators, boasting an extensive network of routes that spans across Victoria. In a strategic move to meet growing demand and enhance services across urban and regional communities, Ventura Bus Lines has placed a combined order of 22 Endeavour buses from the Australian bus manufacturer, Custom Denning.

Proudly engineer and manufactured in Australia, the Endeavour buses will be 12.5 meters in length and will be built on a Scania chassis. The Endeavour buses are known for their reliability and passenger-centric features and are a testament to Australian manufacturing with the product being designed and engineered for a structural life of over 20 years.

This combined order total of 22 Custom Denning Endeavour buses from Ventura Bus Lines, exemplifies their dedication to exceptional service and ongoing support for Australian manufacturing.  

The delivery of the Custom Denning Endeavour buses is expected to commence later this year.