Denning Manufacturing shifts gears: farewell to the Denning Phoenix chassis.

July 25, 2023

Denning Manufacturing bids farewell to the beloved Denning Phoenix low floor and high floor chassis, paving the way for the next generation of Custom Denning products.

Due to ADR changes and commitment to exceed industry expectations, Denning Manufacturing have made the strategic decision to discontinue the production of their beloved Denning Phoenix models, repositioning their focus on newer, state of the art technologies.  

Denning Manufacturing will still operate as normal from its Acacia Ridge facility in Queensland but will focus and dedicate its resources to supplying critical components to the main Custom Denning facilities based in Sydney. This will accelerate the manufacturing of the highly anticipated Element 2 model that is currently in production and additionally, a groundbreaking electric school / charter bus option is under way and due for release in Q4 2023.

The strategic decision will allow Denning Manufacturing time to develop standardised platforms across all ranges of the bus build, allowing the electrification of the diesel bus chassis and the addition of new technologies such as disc brakes, EBS, ESP and more.  

In the works will be a brand new completely Queensland-manufactured product at the Acacia Ridge facility, underpinning Custom Denning’s commitment to local production.

The new Element 2 model currently in production

In 2019, Custom Bus group purchased Denning Manufacturing, forming the Custom Denning brand as we know it today. This merger has combined the expertise of Australia’s two oldest bus manufacturers and solidified Custom Denning's position a leader in the Australian bus manufacturing industry.

With the Denning Phoenix line now coming to a close, it marks the end of an era at the Acacia Ridge facility producing this popular model. Throughout its illustrious history, Denning has crafted some of the most iconic bus models in Australia which include the: 1962 Denning Highway Traveller, 1966 Denning Monocoach, 1973 3-axle Monocoach, 1979 Denair, and the 1984 Landseer to name a few.

The first Denning Landseer produced in 1984 for Max Holman’s VIP Express

Denning currently holds a number of Denning Phoenix school / charter bus stock with the last “ODUB”, one door urban combo (also known as a cargo) low floor almost complete. This one door urban low floor bus is 12.5 metres in length, 2.5 metres wide, consisting of a 1-door combo (cargo) and is powered by a Cummins ISB engine, and Allison transmission.

The Denning Phoenix stock models currently available

Denning Phoenix stock units are available for purchase, if you require any assistance or information regarding these stock units, please contact one of our friendly team members.