Custom Denning Welcomes Telma Cordeiro: A Visionary Leader Joins the Team

November 27, 2023

Custom Denning is thrilled to announce the newest addition to the team, Telma Cordeiro, a seasoned leader with over 25 years of strategic acumen in both government and commercial projects. Telma will be in the pivotal role of National Head of Fleet & Government Relations, where she will be leveraging her extensive expertise to help spearhead the growth and expansion of Custom Denning.

Telma's career is marked by a series of successes, particularly in her role as a start-up accelerator. Her ability to navigate and assist organisations through transitions to growth has earned her a reputation as a dynamic and forward-thinking leader. She brings to Custom Denning a wealth of experience, having successfully overseen and managed complex projects.

One of Telma's standout contributions is her role as a sustainability expert, advocating for and facilitating the transition to net-zero operations. Her influence extends across both government and industry, where she has been instrumental in driving force in the decarbonisation of the manufacturing, transport and logistic sectors across Australia. Her impact is further highlighted by the creation and authorship of the GoZero Mindset© in 2023, a catalyst for change to sustainability.

Telma's academic background is equally impressive. She holds an MBA from the Australian Institute of Business and a Bachelor of Business from the University of Sydney. Her commitment to continuous learning and academic excellence reflects her dedication to staying at the forefront of industry trends and best practices.

As Telma joins Custom Denning, her dynamic outlook on life, contagious conquering spirit and wealth of experience will contribute significantly to our ongoing success. Her strategic leadership and commitment to sustainability align perfectly with Custom Denning's mission to drive innovation and positive change in the industry.

Telma Cordeiro

National Head of Fleet & Government Relations

Phone: 0413 036 651