Custom Denning unveils the cutting-edge Element 2 at Sydney Bus Museum's Busfest 2023

November 21, 2023

Last Sunday, Custom Denning was invited by the Sydney Bus Museum to showcase the Element 2 model at Busfest 2023. Busfest 2023 featured over 46 buses with the nostalgic charm of vintage buses alongside the current state-of-the-art electric models.

Enthusiasts and visitors were treated to a journey through time, with meticulously restored buses from different eras, each telling a unique story of Australia’s evolving public transport system. Passionate volunteers from the Sydney Bus Museum offered rides for the general public. Preserved and operational Custom bus bodies were well represented with examples from the 1970s-2000s on Volvo, Hino, MAN, Leyland, Metrotec and Mercedes chassis’ – highlighting their versatility and longevity.

Daniel Howard, the Grants and Restoration Manager at Sydney Bus Museum commented, “The Museum was thankful of Custom Denning’s involvement in the Busfest event, being a key supplier to Sydney and NSW for more than 65 years. Busfest highlighted the strength of relationships in the industry. The technological advances of Australian buses over the decades were proudly on show, together with care and commitment to quality, which was evident in vehicles on display.”

Amid the vintage marvels, the event also shone a spotlight on the future of public transportation with Custom Denning proudly displaying their latest battery electric model the Element 2. Attendees had the first chance to explore the models sleek design and advanced technologies as the model continues to be rolled out across the country.

Custom Denning Element 2 model at Sydney Bus Museum's Busfest 2023.

Reflecting on the event, Mick Neskes, the National Relationship Manager at Custom Denning remarked, “It was a fantastic day at the White Bay Coach Terminal, with many museum buses, and working buses on display. Several public and private transport providers were in attendance, and all attendees thoroughly enjoyed the day out."

Busways Custom Denning Element, fleet number 5000 was on display, with Custom and PMC bus bodies well represented covering many years of Australian bus history.

"It was a pleasure and a privilege to be invited to attend, and we thank Daniel Howard and the Sydney Bus Museum for what was a great day, and for the opportunity to participate and display our newest bus, the Element 2 at Busfest 2023”.

The vintage classics preserved by the Sydney Bus Museum, invited guests, operators and Custom Denning’s electric buses stood side by side, creating a dynamic and inspiring display that left attendees excited about the journey ahead towards a more sustainable future.