Custom Denning promotes workplace safety during National Safe Work Month with SafeTea Chats

November 6, 2023

Last month in recognition of National Safe Work Month, Custom Denning conducted SafeTea Chats to promote safety and well-being within the workplace. The initiative involved over 200 team members which extended across all of Custom Denning, spanning three states, encompassing four different locations, and engaging ten different departments.  

The workshops and training programs conducted during Safe Work Month enabled Custom Denning staff to gain valuable insights into safety practices, risk management, and hazard mitigation. Team members from all areas enthusiastically shared their experiences and expertise to help foster a culture of collective responsibility for safety.

Michael Ross conducting the SafeTea Chat with the frame line team.

Michael Ross, the Workplace Health & Safety Specialist at Custom Denning who conducted the SafeTea Chats commented, “It was a great opportunity to start the conversation around safety to understand the main concerns facing our staff members”.

“The SafeTea sessions allowed me to let the teams know of my priorities and the plans for implementation”.

“Through the sharing of stories and experience we can all learn from each other and make meaningful change that can ultimately make a difference in each other's lives”.

SafeTea Chat amongst the chassis area team.

By engaging with each other and taking the knowledge gained back to our workplaces, the impact of Safe Work Month extends well beyond the event itself. These sessions not only enhanced workplace safety practices but also fostered a sense of unity and commitment among the team members, ultimately contributing to a safer and more productive work environment throughout Custom Denning’s various locations.

The spray-painting team discussion for the SafeTea Chat.